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Boy Baby Names

"Help! I need a name for my son."

My pregnant co-worker friend Susan said to me "Help! I need a name for my son."

So I answered "Clint, or how about Hunter, or Jayson or Andrew? You could call him Andy. Or maybe you could name him after one of the Apostles; Matthew, Mark, Luke, or John. These are just some suggestions off the top of my head but I can come up with more if you want me to. My oldest is called Nevin (means little saint, Ha Ha, was I wrong!) and my youngest is Seth (means appointed by God and the 3rd son of Adam and Eve so I've been told). I wish you were having a girl. I am partial to Sarah Belle."

"No, Sandi, I need a name that starts with a T. Every male in my husband’s family has a name that starts with a T."

"Well then, how about Tyler, Taylor, Terry, Tony, or Theodore?"

"No my husband Trent has an uncle Tyler, cousins Terry and Tony and I don’t like Theodore. Taylor is nice, but I’d like to keep that if we have a girl."

Unique Baby Names

"Why don’t you name him Trent, after your husband and his grandfather. You could call him Trey."

"No, I want something different."

"Hmmmmm. Something different? I believe we have a problem here. Let me think."

"Oh, please come up with something. I’ve been thinking about this for weeks and cannot find anything I like."

"So you want something different. I read a story once about a guy from California who changed his name to Trout Fishing In America. He figured it would be cool to name himself after a book he liked. Rumor has it he goes by "Trout."

"Come on now!"

"There are a couple of names I remember from movies. There is Tee Hee from Live and Let Die. And Tiger Tanaka from You Only Live Twice."

"You’re not helping!"

"All right – All right’. Let me think about this overnight and I’ll give you some more suggestions in the morning. I’ve got to get back to work."

The next day I stopped by Susan’s cube. "Ting, I said – that would be a good name. This morning I dropped some utensils on the floor and that’s the sound they made."

"Sandi ! Stop !"

"Ok Susan, now listen. I spent hours last night thinking about this and I’m going to give you all the suggestions I have."

"Taggart. It means pure, neat, clean."


"Tanner. It means worker in leather."

"Too blue collar."

"Thor - God of Thunder."


"Thurston. I don’t know what that means, but he was the rich guy on Gilligan’s Island."


"You can name him after a country:

How about Thailand - Thai for short. It means 'Land of the Free.'

Or, Tasmania  - You could call him the Tasmanian Devil. Cute, Huh?

Turkey?. . .Nah, I guess not."

"Or, name his after a number.



Twenty Seven - Wouldn’t he be the 27th male in the family whose name starts with a T?"

"We’re in the Internet age, How about "Tech?"

"If he’s born on a Tuesday or Thursday you could use that."

"If he’s a big baby you could name him Ton."

"Time – before you know it, your time with him will be up."

Boy Baby Names

"I’m on a roll now."

"Tadpole. I had a friend in grade school with that nickname."

"Toad. This was a friend in high school."

"Ten tarantulas tickled two tough tigers talking to twenty turtles."


"Ok, that was fun. Now my last suggestions are:"

"Tao – He’s a philosophy who encourages one to be like water and flow to the path of least resistance, the drain."

"Too – Then you could tell everyone that Too is 'Too Tired,'  'Too Grumpy,'  'Too Happy.'  'Too (anything).' "

"There is a native American Indian name I thought of: Thunderbolt. But I like that better for a horse. Another native American Indian name is Tate – 'He Who Talks Too Much.' What do you think?"

"You have not helped one bit."

Okay then, I give up. You are on your own. I’m going back to my desk now."


A note to all:  The very next week Susan had her baby. He came one month early but was in good health. When I asked her what name she finally decided on, she said "Chase."

Go figure!

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